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Fuentes family altar
Josefina Aguilar

Whenever I mention the Days of the Dead in Mexico, someone always says, “I’ve always wanted to be there for this celebration.”

This is your year!! Tonya Tiggett, a language educator who developed an excellent Spanish language program in Ohio, is working with me to plan an outstanding and activity-filled 8-day celebration of Mexican culture and history with four nights in Mexico City and four nights in Oaxaca for the Days of the Dead in 2103. This is one of the most poignant and culturally-significant times of the year to be in Mexico, and we’ll make the most of it!

Days of the Dead, or el Dias de los Muertos, is a family celebration in Mexico. That's when the spirits of the those who have left us return home to the world of the living. Families sit in cemeteries through the chilly night to welcome their family members, if only for a few short hours. Even though a family is saddened by a loved one's departure, they do not cry on the Days of the Dead. They rejoice in the knowledge that the spirit of a loved one is with them, and they know they will return to be with their families when they too leave this land of the living.

In Mexico City and Oaxaca, there are special flowers, breads, drinks, and the very important ofrenda, the altar with photos of the deceased. On this travel seminar, we’ll visit archeological sites, local crafts artists in Oaxaca, fascinating museums, great restaurants, and family home, and we’ll enjoy typical foods of the season.

In Oaxaca, families observe two Days of the Dead: November 1 and November 2, and the tradition dates back to Prehispanic civilizations.

These days are also the Catholic holy days of All Saints and All Souls Days. In Mexican culture, the lines between ancient religions and the customs and celebrations of the Catholic Church are often blended and blurred over time. We’ll spend the night of November 1 with the Fuentes family, known for their unique wood carving, and we’ll hear about their personal celebrations of this special time of the year.

It’s a truly bittersweet time for everyone, and a very Mexican celebration of both life and death.

We’ll have ample printed material about this memorable holiday, and you’ll return home with a lifetime of memories, and perhaps in future years you’ll want celebrate the Days of the Dead in your own homes, remembering your own loved ones in this very special Mexican way.

Tonya’s web page has full information about the itinerary, logistics, fees, and other information. Please check it out for more detailed information.

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